Special Post! Organic Dog Treats


My buddy Abigail has opened up an etsy shop today and wants as many people as possible to hear about it!

Abigail’s business is called Organigoodies. Currently she has three flavors of dog treats all made with organic ingredients; chicken liver, beef and rice, and peanut butter.

Why is she doing this?
She has to beagle puppies. She loves to teach them tricks and treat them to yummy snack but she noticed more and more the pet food/treat recalls. Abigail decided instead that she would gather ingredients and bake them herself so she knew what her pups were really ingesting.

How can you keep up with Abigail, her business and her dogs?
Twitter @organigoodies

Day 258: Snuggling With Love


Once you go furry you never go back. I can’t imagine how many furry fanatics will accidently find my blog because of that first sentence. My dog and my man are furry which means they are super warm and snuggly in winter.

Tybamt especially loves to get his breakfast, go outside to do his business then return to the bed to curl up on the bed. Thankfully this means that once you do the Tybalt wake-up call, you can get some more sleep.

He typically wants his breakfast between 5:00 and 6:30 AM.
It helps to keep me from being entirely lazy all day.

Day 227: Happy Adoption Day


Today is Tybalt’s birthday!!!
Or his adoption day if you want to get technical. We don’t know when he was born or how old he was. (Guessing he is 3 years old now).

Remember when I first posted about my new puppy?
Seems like a while ago. His shelter photo looks nothing like him now. The eyes are similar but he doesn’t look so sad now.


You can’t really tell what his birthday present is in these pictures. It took him less than two hours to break down a big bone. I was shocked.

The only parts we didn’t let him eat were the slivers left over from him crunching. He was having trouble crunching them smaller and we were worries he would just try to straight swallow them.


Best two dollars spent. He might get another one around Christmas and he will be getting more homemade biscuit treats soon. Promise, lil buddy!!

He no longer has accidents in the floor (thank goodness!). He sits before getting his leash and going outdoors. Most of his manners are pretty bad but he does know Off really well and I never thought that would sink in. He lets me rake embarrassing pictures of him.


He loves to eat (good and bad) anything and everything. He snores, just like his parents. He gets super excited over his stingray toy and any marinated chews. His favorite spot to sleep in bed is between me and Kit or in a nest bordered by our legs (if you have dogs you know what I mean). He dances with me– even if he doesn’t like the song.

Happy birthday to my beagle baby boy!!!!

Day 168: Lap Cat


While cleaning house and cooking for my birthday dinner my cat decided to be needy.

Not really sure why she goes through spells like this. She doesn’t have separation anxiety the way a dog would but she immediately leapt into my lap like this anytime I sat down.

She was like his yesterday as well. However I think it was less of a social call and more due to the fact that it was cold and I had the fleece blanket out on the couch.

I really do try not to post a cute picture of my dog and cat every day but it is so dang difficult. They do cute stuff all the time.

I bought my cat a $20 S-shaped cat scratcher and we buy her mouse shaped toys for her adoption anniversary….what does my cat love the best?
Playing fetch with a Ziploc bag tied in a knot. Ten cent entertainment.