Five Pet Peeves and Favorites

Making lists are fun. Here are two short ones. Anybody share these peeves and faves?

Pet peeves

1. People clipping their nails and allowing them to fly around a room or church sanctuary—a deacon really did this during a sermon and I almost puked. It is part of your body please contain it!

2. People who have functioning turn indicators on their vehicles and choose not to use them.

3. Anyone who sneezes directly in my face or snots on me. Even cats.

4. When I lose sleep thinking about something stupid I said or did for years after it happened.

5. People who make a terrible gutteral cough while continuing to walk in a public place and choose not to cover their mouths.


1. Hugs. Real hugs.

2. When people are simply nice, without having to be.

3. The last five or ten pages of an awesome book. Squeee!!

4. Cold morning, warm snuggle bear AKA the hubbster.

5. Singing loudly along with the radio in the car.

Spain Series: Pilgrims


Tables chock full of pilgrims eating supper. We hike, eat and sleep together, but saw vastly different people everyday.


Both on trail and off I don’t think I have ever seen so many friendly and exurberant people.


One of our trail friends even made supper for us! Much cheaper to throw in euro for groceries and applaud the skills of our chef from Holland.


One gal from Canada met the chef from Holland on trail and they started dating! They had even made plans to visit each other after the long hike. Found out the gal from Canada is YouTube famous. Jess recognized her immediately as Lindsey Cowie and praised her for how much help she was. I hadn’t seen her videos, but she was a wonderfully friendly human being to be around.
Even though we saw some people almost daily–breakfast or we stayed at the same hostel–others we only saw once or twice. We hiked a half day with a nice guy from Italy and we swapped vocabulary.

There were many other wonderful people that I wasn’t able to take photos of during my time on trail. Some guys in their 40s from a country town about two hours from Liverpool. They cracked me up and we kept trying to get them to say things in their adorable accents.

Supper was always fun or interesting because we kept meeting people from Europe and all over! They would tell stories of previous trails they had hiked, blisters (ampollas).
At the end of my hiking time we got a photo with Jess and two good friends we made on trail. Daniel of Sweden and Yan of China. Good cats in their own rights.

The pilgrims were by far one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

My Base is Growing…!


My base of readers is growing slowly but steadily!
I hope to keep posting blogs about things that interest or inspire you!

I currently have 106 followers on wordpress and by email subscription.

There are over 260 people following on other platforms that have the opportunity to see my blog posts as well.

Plus, my mom recently told me that even though she can’t figure out how to subscribe, I should add one more to my count of faithful readers.

More than the stats and data, I appreciate that each individual takes a few minutes out of their busy day to chuckle at my thoughts, comment on my feelings, and enjoy my pictures (mostly of food).

Hugs, confetti, and ‘thank yous’ all around. You cats sure know how to make a girl feel special.


Day Six: On Tour

The Snowball Dining Room Lunch Crew

I just had to add this photo of the lunch crew cheesing inside the cave.  They admitted they were honored to be a part of my 365 blog and even put on a smile.

The crew that works in the lunchroom underground does a great job feeding the multiple tours that come through and always seem to have a smile or a joke for us.  They’re serving their famous (among us guides anyway) veggie soup in this photo.