Day 282: Peace

Piecing together a broken ornament for my mom. Although this ornament would break if you breathed too heavy on it I thought this meant something.

Gluing Peace back together. It is broken. We are at war with our neighbors, nature, ourselves. Accepting self is a hurdle many people never scale. I have battles accepting myself at times.
How can we be in harmony with anything if we cannot feel good about ourselves. Calm down, I won’t go super spiritual on you guys.

Donno why fixing my mom’s ornament struck me so much. Just got the impression that we need to try to fix what is broken. Your pieces may become a peaceful whole.

*audience begins to snap*

Day 122: Small art


Some of the non-functional art was really petty as well.
The above really struck me just because of what this kid used to make to make the owl.
Thd owl is rolled up pieces of cardboard! How cool is that? Definitely a winner in my book.


The book page flowers were also very cool. I’m not sure what they did to dye the pages but the construction of these delicate flowers was awesome. The dye was light enough that the words on the petals were easy to are. Reminded me a bit of the duct tape roses I have made.


The final piece I really liked in this area of the 4-H displays was this little acorn top ball. Not sure what they used as a based for the ball but one could easily buy a styrofoam ball at the craft store.
I was sad this one only got a white award. I plan on making one and finding a way to affix a string to make a Christmas tree ornament.