Day Twenty-six: Easy on the Sticky

it starts from the ground up

This is my floor. More importantly, this is my floor without sticky spots on it. I cracked the whip and made my nieces help clean up the living room before I swept and mopped it. I am trying to stay on top of household stuff, but with work and classes it can get away from me.

The girls did a great job helping me clean!! I had dinner ready just a few minutes after we finished cleaning and we all sat around our ghetto table and enjoyed a family meal.

Sometimes it just takes the tiniest thing to make a person happy. In the case of this evening I was very happy to mop the floors and smell the cleanser. Later this evening I found out that I have tickets reserved for my trip out West. It’s official!!
Things just kept improving when just about an hour ago I found an email from my school letting me know that I have financial aid coming in. This may not sound like a big deal, but I am about three weeks into school and I had to borrow money to cover my tuition. I’ve been a bit nervous about money of late.

Nose to the grindstone. Small victories will keep building until more and more of my life will be on the right track.