Day 353: Ghetto Appetizers


I say ghetto appetizers not becauseww they sucked but because it was canned snacks that I combined to make apps.
Try it before you start hating–people eat fish eggs after all.

• Saltine crackers (unless you’re one of those fancy folks that keeps different kinds of crackers in their cabinet).

• One small can of oysters, drained.

• 1/2 TBSP per cracker of softened cream cheese (I used a my Puck product that is always spreadable and tastes same).

• A double dash of Tobasco sauce per cracker.

• Spread desired amount of cream cheese on cracker
•Delicately place an oyster on cream cheese’d cracker
• Top with splash of tobasco

Insert in face hole
Mouth yeilds best results

E is for Eating

Dessert first!

Eating is something I have always loved to do and still love to do. I enjoy most foods: veggies, fruits, grains, meats, sweets, etc :)
This may not be what most people call fun, but I really enjoy it.

I like baking and cooking food and I really love eating it! I’m a grazer while I cook, so often times I’m full by the time everyone else is ready to eat.

I still believe the best way to eat a mango or watermelon is to sit on the back porch in the sunny afternoon with juice dripping down to my elbows and being so sticky and gross that I have to wash my arms in the watering hose outside.
Not every food has to be enjoyed via elbow ingestion, but some of the best experiences are where you can really dive into the food.

don't forget the turkey

Much like cooking and baking I really love to eat with other people. I will go to the extent of skipping an actual meal (only snacking) if I can’t find anyone to eat lunch with me.

I cannot express to you the joy of my taste buds when I first ate Indian food. Curry and lassi melting on my tongue. I ate very slowly, taking sips of icy water to clean my pallet between bites and reintroduce the spicy flavor to my mouth with each forkful.

Eating: You have to do it so often during your life time why not enjoy it? Add a bit of garlic or red pepper and really enjoy the food you’re eating.