Kat Deals with Anger

The other day I got really mad. It was the type of mad that quickly leads to frustration because nothing can be done. It was the type of mad that because nothing can be done I wanted to punch things.
After storming around the house like a three year old in a tantrum, I decided to redirect my negative energy to make good things happen.

First, I put on music to reset the mood, same energy, less anger. I avoided the mopey love songs and the angry thrasher rock. You might hit up your favorite work out list.
Next, I took my makeup bag, dumped it out and organized it by type of makeup. I did not use it all, but I chose at least one of each type.
Mineral foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, two types of mascara for popping lashes, two different eye shadow colors, my deep red lipstick, eyebrow pencil and tiny bit of blush.
It was heavy, but necessary. I wanted it to be extreme (for me) but not leave me looking like an alien.
After makeup, I brushed out my hair and took several photos until I felt perdy. I realize selfies are silly, but again, I needed this.
After getting pretty, I made two loaves of pumpkin bread. Not only did I end up with a delicious bread but a yummy blog as well.

I even washed up some dishes.
I kinda wish I could get that angry more often. I would have fresh baked breads and a clean house all the time! Well, maybe I would rather be messy and happy.

How do you deal when you’re so angry you can’t see straight?

Stay-In Valentine’s Day Plans for Playful Couples


I designed this stay-in date night for my sister-in-law and have decided the plans are too good to keep to myself.
This is a Valentine’s Day date designed for the broke-college students, kids at heart, vegetarians and those wishing to break the stiff candle-lit dinner traditions.
If this is you, read on.

Keep in mind these are plans for adults and they often do adult things together. If you are offended by couples with healthy/happy relationships both physical and emotional then this is your warning to get outta Dodge.

Set the TableMake a blanket fort


I know it may have been years since you last made one. Just get started and your inner child will fill in the blanks. If you’re timid to try, here is a link to help get you started: School of How To.

Fill your fort with blankets and pillows to lounge on. Then put a string of Xmas lights or a small night light inside instead of a candle–a touch light or battery flameless battery operated candle.
Eat dinner then push the dishes out of the fort and get to snuggling.

Make Dinner


All Recipes has a fantastic recipe for Black Bean Stuffed Bell Peppers. This is a vegetarian recipe but you can easily modify it. Fry up some bacon til crispy. Cool and crumble it into your mix. Also, this is a special dinner so if you have fresh onions then dice and saute half an onion (at least).

Cook dinner together. If you don’t think cooking as a couple is romantic then try this: Turn off the phones, turn on music you both love, lock the doors, draw the blinds and get naked. If you’re a little weird about cooking in the buff, then keep on your underwear and apron.

Dessert for Chocolate Lovers


Fun desserts are messy. I’m working the mathematical correlation now. I recommend fondue or a s’mores lab.
Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need a fancy fondue pot nor double boiler to make fondue. Just be careful to melt slowly and stir often. Crock pots come in handy if you have one.

This is the same Groovy Fondue recipe I used for my birthday party. It was a HUGE hit. Pro-tip: You can make truffles out of the chilled leftovers. You’ll thank me later.

The tasty alternate dessert is to create a s’mores experimentation lab. Grab plates, ingredients and get ready to create a franken-S’more. A Lot On Your Plate blog has Ten S’mores Recipes that should inspire you to get creative. Marshmallows in the microwave are just hysterical anyway.



The first two activities are more passive, but as you will soon find that they are awesome to add to the list.

The Couples Q&A. There are literally tons of these questionnaires on the interwebz and a quick Google search will turn up plenty of results. This list is just to get you started. Keep in mind–Some lists are designed for deep emotional probing that is probably inappropriate on a fun night.

The second activity is for dreamers. Kit and I love making lists like these. Here is an example of a Couple’s Bucket List to get your creative juices flowing. Grab a notebook and dream big!

Minute to Win it Games.These are fun and can be adapted for two instead of a group party. Most of the materials are super cheap–to save even more money, do these games the day after V-Day and buy the sale candies.

The games from that blog that I chose are: Heart-a-stack, Marshmallow Toss, Love Spot (use paper cut outs instead of expensive craft pom poms), and Heart Pick Up. I have seen the Face Cookie on every M2W party blog and am exhausted with its overuse.

How to Get Your Spouse to Play Along
If your partner isn’t the playful sort then I don’t have much hope for you. However, if you’re gamer sweetheart is just a little shy then this is a great date.

Kit doesn’t do well with surprises so I typically spill ALL my surprises. Some guys or gals are like that. They need to be mentally prepared for fun so they can be excited instead of reluctant. Give them really obvious hints. Tell your partner that you will be playing some mini-games similar to Mario Party and that you’ll be making supper together. If you want to keep it a guessing game, tell them some of the ingredients to dinner or dessert.

If you use any of my date night ideas please let me know how your night went!
(You don’t have to share the gritty details).

Day 257: Music Mug


My Sister in Law and I play this game where when we go shopping we are on constant scout for presents for each other.

Except it is more like window shopping for each other. We neither one of us rich. So this is where we employ the saying “It’s the thought that counts.”

This is me thinking of my dear SiL. This music mug was a sweet find that I stumbled on at TJ Maxx. This is where I got several of Kit’s Christmas presents.

Day 254: Pattern Design


I wouldn’t consider myself an artist and I have no professional training.
I don’t know how the pros do it but this is how I start with a pattern for my embroidery.

An idea forms in my head and I draw it a bunch of times in my embroidery book or private journal.
This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but I started much too late. My music teacher SiL loves anything related to music and dragons.

This pattern is going to be a bookmark with the music quotation of “Music is what feelings sound like” with music notes all over it.

I hope she likes it. And I hope I finish it before Christmas next year!

Day 241: Holiday Pops

Part of our December Adventivities.
This was our the destination for our Road Trip.

Fun times were had by all. The orchestra and the choir did an awesome job.

Selections from Puccini, some wild song about shepherds and mutton, and a freaky arrangement of 12 Days of Christmas.

After the concert we went back to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for pajamas, wine and Squeak (until my eyes refused to stay open).