Addition: Mug Hooks

I have been swooning over the fancy mug rack DIY projects on Pinterest since I first saw them. However, Kit and I agreed we don’t like our cabinets and do not mind if we drill them for of holes.

I even used the power drill! I was proud of myself for learning and frustrated that I wasn’t an expert immediately. I did put up several of the hooks without completely ruining anything.
I am super pleased at the final product! My mugs are easy to access, they look pretty on display, and it cleared tons of room in my quite limited cup cabinet.
Yes, I am very aware my hooks aren’t even. My life is a little janky, so it fits me.

What do you think?

Day 219: Winter Mugs


So cute!
A Wal-Mart sighting of course. These little penguin cuties are just begging for some steaming hot chocolate to be poured into their brain pans.

In all honesty, I didn’t buy these. I am pretty particular about my mugs. They must have a certain handle (big) and I want to be able to drink out of any side without fear of kissing a beak or eyeball. Sounds creepy and I don’t want to do that to a penguin.

I have a mug from the Human Bodies exhibition I went to see and everytime I drink from it I am disappointed it doesn’t have a running or backflipping body on it. Perhaps that would be too much meat with morning coffee however.