Day 365(!!!): Free Wine


I thought long and hard (a whole 45 seconds!) Before deciding what to post for my final 365 days blog.

I know I post a lot of selfie type pictures and a lot of food so I will share this final one.

Me in front of the FREE Irache wine fountain in Spain. Yes, free wine. It wasn’t actually that bad!
Peace to my wonderful blog followers. I promise to post more blogs and a new series when I return home from my trip.

Drink wine.
Eat food.


Day Sixty-Eight: Lost It, Have It

This video has inspired me to take a picture of myself with the sign. It’s a fun little video because all the students are giggly and a little embarrassed. I want to get pictures of my friends with similar signs and post them on here if I can…..we’ll see. Friends? Any volunteers? I would love to have a picture of you. :)

Maybe you have it, you have friends that have it, or you plan on having it. Talk about sex. It’s not evil, so why hide it?

Day Eighteen: Salud

Wait, that's poison!

Thursdays are Fridays for me and I take advantage of my poison under the sink. When all my friends are waking up at 7:30 and dragging their butts to their eight AM classes I am milling about the farm taking care of things or heading to town to pay some bills.

The farrier comes tomorrow afternoon. There will most likely be some action shots of the farm creatures getting worked.

Day Nine: No shave, and a haircut, one bit..

Short hair!

So the long hair that reached a bit lower than the middle of my back got whacked off today. Sadly, my hair got caught in a lawnmower and the only option was cutting more off so it would look even. I’m looking on the bright side of things.

Honestly, there was no lawnmower –this time– I just needed a change of pace. If you have ever had long, thick hair you will understand the trials of washing, drying, brushing, styling and generally not looking haggard that goes with the territory.

I know cold weather walks to class are just around the corner. I can’t wait to make my commute to school with dry hair.

My new hair dries quickly after a much faster shampooing and has a gloriously ridiculous looking pony tail that I am in love with already.