Day 278: Jellyfish

The jellies tanks were very cool. Dark rooms filled with circular tanks and benches to sit and meditate on jellies.


We took a photo together at this viewing tank. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this was our wedding gift from Lola. Awesome day at the aquarium!
Along our drive home from Newport we saw some interesting things. If you’re getting sick of fishy pictures then you’ll be jumping with joy when you read the next post.

Day 276: Crocodilians

wpid-20121221_121520.jpgI’m loving this croco-gator. He was so cool! I suppose in the animal world this would be some sort of stalking or hunting pose. His whole body submerged except for his nose and eyes. Right as I snapped the picture his eyes slid over to stare at me.

The little green leaves completely coated the top of the water, which made his parts above the eater surface, beautiful camouflaged.

As I took this picture, there was a 13 foot alligator behind. He could move but was pretty lazy. Saving those quick reflexes for a real meal.

Lola and Kit posed with him. Whoof, he was big! A little boy around five was told to stand by the glass for a picture similar to ours and he thought his parents were nuts! He stood about a foot from the glass and looked terrified when they told him to get right up close to the glass.
This child is smart. You don’t snuggle huge wild animals.