Cold: Workouts, Car Troubles, and Dogs

I have been trying to work out daily or every other day. This week has been a trial, however, because my car has been going super gimp mode. Trouble starting mostly and I am getting to the point where jumping is part of my normal routine.

Thankfully we found out the issue. The Cold Cranking Amps or CCA on a battery really matters when your temps get down into freezing or single digits. The CCA was 500 for my bug and my mechanic informed me it simply isn’t enough power to start my diesel in this cold weather. I was so thankful to find out it wasn’t the alternator or something else worse and unimaginable.

My husband and I went on the hunt last night and bought a battery we were told would fit my car. Once we got it home, Kit found it was too tall. The fusebox lid and also the hood would not close.
So the saga continues. I fully plan to pick up my regular workout routine once my car stops being silly.

Because of the cold weather, we have had a house full of dogs most nights. In addition to my beagle we have two big dogs that dominate the couch.

They are the most thankful dogs in the world. They have behaved beautifully and adored their warm indoor time. The first night was rough because they aren’t used to crates—lots of whining–but since then they have understood and go right to sleep.

The rest of my winter has been insulated bibs, hot tea, blankets, socks and snuggling up.
Come on Spring……

Caught Her Breath

I am deeply sorry that I haven’t been blogging. Work and life have become a whirlwind. My park and job reopened and I started a new part time job simultaneously. My part time job has full time hours right now because of training.

Shortly, Kit and I will go intermittent from the park. In the upcoming lean months we will be forced to get more creative with cooking and eating in more. I love that about winter. We go out to eat less and eat food that is wholly more delicious because it is seasoned exactly as we want it.

My newest work-family has been very welcoming. There is even a birthday potluck that I am looking forward to participating in.

In addition to working and starting a new job, I have joined the community choir. We had our second practice this past Tuesday. We have a fun selection of songs and have practiced six of the ten we will perform in early December.
Not much else to report. The days and nights are getting colder which makes me want to brew hot tea and curl up with a book. I just hope I have some time soon to do that reading and snuggling.


Day Forty-Seven: Overindulgence

Watchful caretaker

This is a reminder to myself: Do not drink LITs.

Friday night was my “try a new drink” night. This turned out to be a bad idea. I was doing just fine on the beverages I had been drinking.

Saturday was a waste of everything. It was a horrible reminder of what I am capable of screwing up if my responsibility lapses. I was sick and lost six hours of pay from work. Thankfully, the people around me were understanding.  I think they knew they didn’t have to guilt trip me. I know what I did was stupid.

The cat of my old roommate decided to look after me for part of the afternoon. Above he’s pictured on my leg watching over me. A few minutes later he snuggled into my lap, moved up to snuggling my armpit and then my face. He was sweet, but smothering me as if to say “remember what you did.”

I admitted to my boss the real reason I didn’t show up to work. My jaw almost dropped when she was cool with it. I guess she understands that she employs students, but seriously? She didn’t care. I love my boss.

We make mistakes. Reflect and progress.