Day 242: Reading Christmas


We started reading our Christmas book before we went on our road trip but it is difficult to take pictures of people reading and make it look exciting.

Kit and I read Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich as part of our December Adventivities.

The book was decent and amusing. Our favorite characters were the black best friend because of her shopping on Christmas Eve insanity and the horn-dog grandma who looks for potential boyfriends at funerals.


Day 183: Urban Comics


In addition to finding the green box in this grandiose library I found out they were having a mondo book sale. They normally have a bookstore but that day they had two full rooms of cheap books. I found this book in the bookstore but only paid a meager $3.00 for it. I couldn’t resist it! Retail is $15.00


The Slasher under the car is a classic. I remember getting emails about this when email was still new.
This urban legend is super old. I am tickled to read all of them.

Do you have a favorite urban legend?

Day 182: Green Box?


A (sadly) non-local library has this green media box in their lobby before entering the library proper.

Inside the library doors are several hefty shelves fullbof DVDs to be checked out but I actually saw people standing in line at this box.

I should have but didn’t inquire about if the box rentals could only be returned to the box, how long or if the check out time is longer, and if the green box perhaps had a better selection.

Red box DVDs are over a dollar per item and about a quarter more for new releases.
DVDs from a library? More selection, keep longer than a day and fo’ FREE.

You can’t beat that price.

Go, Public Libraries!! For staying awesome!