Day Fifty-Four: Pepe le Mort

Eastern striped skunk sans pulse

Somehow my Australian Shepherd mix snagged this skunk through the fencing of her pen and managed to avoid the noxious spray. However, this still left me with the job of removing it from the pen.

While I was shoveling up and moving the kill, my dog was happily strutting around the pen. She figured I must have been pretty pleased with her kill because I was making over it. She hopped around me, wagged and drooled….Like I said, she was happy.

I moved the above pictured skunk out to an area that hopefully will advertise it to the scavengers of the natural world. If the coyotes won’t eat it then the turkey vultures will.

I’m pretty sure this is the skunk that has been living around our farm for the last few months. At least the kids have spotted one from time to time and we’ve certainly smelled it.

I don’t know much about the migratory range of a skunk, but now I’m intrigued to look it up. I know that this is currently their mating season, but I’m not sure if they travel to find their female counter parts or how vast their territory can range.

Last semester, I was fascinated to find out that deer are born, live and die usually within a 10 mile radius. Talk about a species doomed to breed itself into disease and weak genes. Not being a hunter this is interesting, I’m sure it’s fairly common knowledge to others.

The part that made this skunk predicament less depressing was the huge arching rainbow that went over my farm today. It was beautiful and gone within fifteen minutes. If I hadn’t been outside working on the skunk issue, then I might have missed it.