Day 316: Sundaes


My ice cream sundaes may not have been three cute little mounds with a dollop each god different flavoring, but it was all going to the same place.

Setting up an ice cream toppings bar at home is so much fun. We had homemade chocolate syrup and homemade strawberry topping, caramel, sprinkles, whipped cream, bananas, and cherries.

I took everything but the caramel and shortly afterwords went into giggle fits playing Sega games with my brother.


Day 191: A La Mode


Vanilla bean ice cream and apple pie!

I know I keep posting pictures of apple pie but it is so doggone delicious!

I gotta say though, if you’re trying to save money don’t forfeit flavor like I did. I bought the WM brand vanilla bean and it tasted pretty crappy.