Day 335: Kentucky Fried


Let me start with an apology. I failed to upload a blog yesterday. So, I am instead backdating this blog. I was getting a factory reset on my phone and doing some interior design work (AKA hanging frames).

I wish I could say that I was too busy being pranked and pulling the wool over my friends, but honestly, I’m really boring on April Fool’s Day.

Now to the good stuff! My husband might just be the best there is! He made fried chicken and the breaded fried part was perfect!! Those of you who make real fried chicken know what I’m talking about. Crisp crunchy outside, perfectly cooked interior and not that inch thick breading you get on the unmentioned KY food chain.

He made supper while I was in town and of course, when I asked him, he said he would never give up his secret recipe. Don’t worry fellow eaters, I’ll get it from him.

I swear that one of the true tricks to cooking fried chicken is the cast iron skillet. So, so yummy. He also made garlicky mashed potatoes.

Day 301: Sink Me


Sink me, you’ve sank my battleship!

Kit and I got a travelset version of Battleship. He had an early lead, through the middle we were neck and neck.
Finally, I found his little 2 hit ship and I won the game. Kit is adorable because he always said “You sank my battleship!” Just like the robotic voice.

Does anyone else try to put the ships diagonally every time and forget that it doesn’t work that way?

Day 288: Swan Lake


My husband got called into work this week to help cover a shift. Lots of folk have been spreading around stomach viruses and colds.

Since we didn’t plan on him working that day, lunch was a little improvised. I baked a frozen pizza and wrapped it in foil. We did get to eat lunch together at least.

After lunch, Kit got creative and made a little swan. Our supervisor was amused and filled up this Christmas treat tub to give the swan a swimming hole.

The swan seemed pleased.

Day 283: Sleeping Handsomes

Tybalt really likes to cuddle. Typically by 9:30 he will jump on the bed and claim his spot. He keeps his spot at the top of the bed (head on pillow) until we come to bed. Although he loves to cuddle, he gets too warm, heaves a sigh and stumbles to the foot of the bed.

Kit may look posed, but in reality, he just ignored me and was trying to sleep as I snapped (no joke) 10-15 pictures.

Beagles are such photogenic dogs. They constantly exude cuteness.

Day 198: Young Pup


This moment is so cute I just couldn’t resist. Went over to a buddy’s house and their puppy was running around buckwild. As all good puppies do.

At one point, Kit scooped up Dahlia and snuggled her up so she could gnaw her chew without missing all the action.

I was surprised that she didn’t immediately leap away but stayed and calmed quite a bit.

Seeing this look in Kit’s eye reminds me how much he misses his working dig Geena. One day, we will have another working dog on the farm.