Day 344: Lawn Mower


My husband is a super pro–this is a picture of him mowing the lawn. Or, the only way I could get him to pose with the cherry tree.
How can he mow the lawn without starting an engine? Simple. We have goats.


I think we need 2-4 more goats to do a better job. They didn’t quite finish the yard. I have been feeding them the sweet blossoms from trees so they made a beeline for low hanging branches before even looking at the grass.


Finally, they looked to the ground and were excitedly running around the yard enjoying the wide variety of grasses, weeds and wildflowers.
They love dandelions and wild onion tops apparently.

After this rain clears and things warm up again we will have another walkabout with Ziva and Denka. They enjoyed the fenceless approach, but wandered to close to the road for comfort.

Day 225: Sleepy Bears


Look at my sweet, sleepy babies.

Sometimes I feel like I’m following a toddler in circles with my dog. He loves the catbox….even after just having eaten.
So sometimes I call him just to make sure where he is. He didn’t come this morning so I wandered after him and found him here.

He ate his breakfast, went potty and then decided it was too early and too cold to be out of bed.

Catching some Zzs with his daddy.