Day 200: Fruit Cake


Storebought fruit cake never looks or tastes good. I am told homemade is awesome but I don’t trust it.

This post is pretty special because it means I have finally broken number two hundred on a project that was supposed to be finished in one year.

I know I have already posted about Christmasy on my blog (Xmas cards) but let us just say I am excited.

I have been planning holiday games, food, and events to attend since October.

I have a bunch of games planned out for my family for Thanksgiving and if they are any count I will share them.

This year I am taking bread pudding to the Thanksgiving on my husband’s side of the family.
Now bread pudding doesn’t sound all that appetizing but if you have ever eaten it then you’ll know it tastes as sweet no matter the name.

Bread pudding consists of eggs, cream, eggnog, chocolate chips, day old bread, nutmeg and other amazing things.

What is the food you look forward to around the holidays?

Day 185: Happy Holidays


Snatched this picture in Kmart the other day. From the angle I took this photo you can see the trick or treat buckets and fake Christmas tree forest. Just behind me are the turkey table centerpieces and Thanksgiving doodads.

I’m not trying to hate on Kmart. This is the way that large chain stores do things. I know many people that begin Christmas shopping in August so I can’t entirely blame the big department stores for trying to sell trees in October.