Day 364: On Trail


We’ve been on trail for eight days now and I must admit that I’m pretty exhausted. I can’t imagine completing the entire Camino in one go.

Wifi has been fairly easy to get in most places which means that keeping in touch with my hubster and those back home has been good.

I have eaten tons of food while on trail and take many food pictures. I am somewhat looking forward to cooking my own food when I come home, but I have really enjoyed the food here.

I have three more trail days then I will travel back to Madrid and catch a flight home.
I will miss the people that I have met on trail. I have made two friends in particular that I hope to keep in touch with. We have been hiking all together since the second or third day.
My days are blending together. I should check my notes and journal before blogging probably. Hah!

Day 342: Shellac Toes


Like I said I got “my nails did” the other day. The shellac is supposed to last a super long time without chipping. They guarantee it for 14 days after which your toenails are growing out, but it still wont chip.

I felt a little silly knowing I will headed overseas on a big hike, yet this will be a true test of how it withstands lots of rough treatment.
The lady doing our nails said most people get it before going to the beach so their toes look great the whole time.


I will make sure to take a picture and date it if I get any chips in the polish. For anyone not salon savvy, like me, the light wasn’t hot or even as I expected and the polish feels a bit thicker than regular polish.

BIG News!



A little while back I said that I had some big news that I really wanted to share. I didn’t want to say anything too early and jinx the whole ordeal. My plane ticket got sponsored and I can afford the per diem costs.

* * * drummmmmmm rollllllll *  * *

I’m flying to Spain with one of my girlfriends. We will stay a night in Madrid then get to St. Jean Pied de Port to begin hiking the Camino de Santiago!!

I will be gone about 2.5 weeks–not hiking the whole Camino. I will have to set up my blogs to post ahead of time because I don’t want to spend every waking moment in Europe in front of a computer. I hope, dear blog-world friends, you unerstand that I want to sink into the country while I can.

I am one of those people that is chill until something concrete occurs. Jess purchased tickets last night. Kit and I looked up plane schematics last night, so we know exactly where I will sit.

I barely slept last night. My brain is racing!!