Day 205: Popcorn Chicken


Please, please tell me that you get this joke. I instantly saw the joke here but I had to explain it to other people.

Am I not funny or are other people hiding from the hilarity that surrounds us?

I have some popping corn kernals that went stale (yes, it is possible). And instead of throwing the whole joke out I have been popping it in batches and feeding it to our huge flock of chickens.

Hey, it is cheaper than buying feed right now.

Day Two: Settin’

The sitting henA couple of days ago my niece found this hen sitting underneath the bushes in the front yard. After explaining the process of incubation and her going undisturbed for a while my nieces were ecstatic and now give me daily updates on her actions. Yep, she’s still outside sitting on those eggs.

I can’t imagine their level of excitement when those eggs hatch out. Keep away predators!