Day 311: Witch Stitch


This is the witch pattern I just recently transferred. I hope to get some work done on it over the weekend.

I am really enjoying stitching the witch because she can be whatever color I wish.
Here is my progress so far:


I took a break from it because I got jealous of her hot lavender boots. I need some more dress shoes but I realize that lavender high heel boots aren’t practical.

Want to stitch your own cute witch? Then click and get stitching!
Or for the people who aren’t pinterest disciples: Feeling Stitchy.

Day 195: Franken-Wall


This was a DIY project my friend did for her Halloween party. I loved the simplicity.

She used…

Black foam board
White foam board
Green plastic tablecloth

I believe she use a box cutter and pencil to trace and cut out the shapes. We took packing tape and attached the individual features to the tablecloth right before we hung it up.

You could easily do this for a door hanging.
This is not a proper tutorial but I think this project looks cute if it has a little personal touch or flair by the person who created it rather than tracing a prefabbed stencil.

Day 186: Costume!


What do you think of my costume??

I came up with this one because I wanted a costume that wouldn’t require special and expensive purchases.

As it turned out I did spend money on this costume and it is perfect for Halloween this year.

I paid $18 for a pair of new overalls from Amazon (no shipping). I had a mini shovel in my hubster’s tools and used cocoa powder to coat my elbows, knees and face with dirt.

I have wanted a new pair of coveralls since I grew horizontally out of my last pair. These are better than my last pair which were pretty thin denim.

I wore a pair of insulated coveralls for a recent outdoor party and I was easily the warmest costumed guest there :-)

In case you haven’t caught on, my costume is a grave digger.

Day 185: Happy Holidays


Snatched this picture in Kmart the other day. From the angle I took this photo you can see the trick or treat buckets and fake Christmas tree forest. Just behind me are the turkey table centerpieces and Thanksgiving doodads.

I’m not trying to hate on Kmart. This is the way that large chain stores do things. I know many people that begin Christmas shopping in August so I can’t entirely blame the big department stores for trying to sell trees in October.

Day 178: Miniature Spookies


This is my dollar store purchase. It was a ton of work to put this little guy together but I suppose you get what you pay for when you only pay a dollar.

I got set of six ghosts but I was shorted a twist tie so I couldn’t complete the last–meager excuse I know.

My sweet neighbor is an older gentleman not accustomed to change and he swerved nearly off the road when he first saw my ghosts set up by the mailbox. This was in broad daylight.


I suppose it has the desired effect. Just looking adorable.
We had a terribly windy day recently but my little ghosties weren’t the least bit bothered.