U is for Underground


This is part of the ABCs of Fun blog series.

I understand many people wouldn’t like being a cave because being underground gives them the willies. I couldn’t be happier.

Whether it is walking tours, crawling tours or going caving outside of work I have fun at it.

I first fell in love with caves in 2006 when I began working in the tourism business. While I was underground, I also fell in love with my husband.

Caves hold a special place in my heart. And they are great places to nap too!

Day 148: Bishop


Ed Bishop, guide.

Ed did mountains of exploration in Mammoth Cave. He is best known for his expeditions with Max Kaemper in 1908.

He must have been a pretty cool cat to do exploration with another cat from Germany. They sometimes took young ladies along on their expeditions as well.

Some of the famous place names I lead people through today on wild tours were first discovered and named by Ed and Max.

This particular signature is found on the tourist trails along Main Cave. Easy to find if you know where to look.