Shamrock Update

My shamrock plant has gone to town in the growing department!
The only other trials Shammy has had is my cat. Isabella was enjoying chewing on Shammy’s leaves. I think he prefers his home further away from the cat.
I also repotted my plant and he looks dashing in a light green pot.

Remember when my plant just barely survived? From the Ashes.

Day 350: Sprouting Jade


In addition to my shamrock plant’s newest growth (a second shoot is up!!), my jade plant is growing slowly but steadily.

I didn’t notice at first, the T shaped umbrellas–technical botanical words–are popping at the end of every branch. Obviously, I need to learn more jargon, habits and likes versus dislikes of my little jade.

All I know at present is that he does like this afternoon sun spot in the windowsill above the sink. And because of his sunning habits, he is quite tan–deep green. Chlorophyll or some such nonesense.

He is, of course, posing for this picture. Just before I shouted, “Hey Jade! Say ‘chlorophyll’!” He was gazing out at the backyard pond. Hippster succulent.

Day 320: Sprouts!


After only three days the little kale and cabbage have sprouted.
Look at the life erupting from the earth here!! It is an amazing amount of effort that goes into emerging from the dirt…at least in my opinion.

They have started stretching to one side. Yearning for as much sunlight as possible. Of course I want to move the seed tray every time I see them leaning, but I must hold back.

No word from the tomatoes yet, but I will be patient. They are fairly fast to sprout.
This part of gardening always makes me want to grab an old battered umbrella and make the plants grow higher. I want my plants to grow just like they do for Totoro (forest spirit) and the little girls in the cartoon. Wonderment

Good green post for St. Patrick’s Day!
I hope you are wearing or growing your green today.
Take care—Kat