Day Eighty-Five: Class of 2011

real smile, fake diploma

I realize there are TONS of people graduating this time and year and you could give less than two shits about one more undergraduate whooping it up this weekend.
However, please take a few minutes to note my raw awesomeness:

  • Graduated with honors (red/white cords) from University
  • Member of Honors Society of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Department (red sash of awesomeness)
  • Summa Cum Laude honors (four levels, this is the highest and I got a higher honor than my sister/role model)
  • GPA 3.88 on a 4.0 scale
  • My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, fiance and rec buddy (one year behind me) all sat through my boring as hell graduation just for me :D
  • My awesome family and friends showered me with gifts I wasn’t expecting and they all were thinking about my needs and wants for my career field and interests
  • They served fried chicken at my honors reception

    Coming Soon in the next 365 post:

  • I got to go to doughnut shop after graduation

Day Eighty-one: Walking Clothes

I will mortar board your face

Last week I picked up my cap n’ gown for graduation during the second week of May. I also have some pimpin’ red/white cords that I get to wear for the big day because of how awesome my GPA is currently. Summa Cum Laude in your face!! (For students 3.8-4.0 GPA, highest academic honor at my university)

I wore my hat and cords and work for about half an hour and as most students do, everyone completely ignored me.
I’m very excited about walking and can only hope not to trip or do anything really stupid during my walk. I just realized yesterday that I need to plan on what kind of outfit to wear underneath my robe. No nekkid walks!

With a To-Do list as long as I am tall I can only hope I graduate in May with my sanity still mostly there.
Wish me luck!

Day Thirty-Six: First of Last

Reviewing Dislos

I was hoping to have a more profound post and more interesting picture. I was hoping for cheesy even: With my backpack on and brown sack lunch in hand walking towards campus.

This is my quick reference field guide to wilderness medicine I got after attaining my Wilderness First Responder certification over the winter term. I can save lives….Be afraid.

Today was stressful because of the all the nervous energy that was zipping through the lab all day long. New students and upperclassmen were whizzing around the lab printing off reams and reams of documents.

I replaced toner, went through at least five boxes (six reams a piece) of paper, broke down boxes for recycling, directed students to class, looked up numerous user names and answered the questions of two lab consultants. I did double time because I was helping a new consultant learn the ropes.

One positive thing I can say about today was that I had my high strung dry run. I got horrid sleep last night and because of the busy day I am now appropriately tired for a full night’s sleep and an exciting high ropes challenge day tomorrow.

A positive thing about this evening was that I got a surprise phone call from my Ten Twin out in San Fran. She is doing well and she let me vent about my stressors and soothed my nerves about the days ahead.

Although today was just another day on campus this is the first day of my last semester here. Graduation is closer than I think, internship opportunities are around the bend and a step towards a career is hiding right behind that internship.

The challenges are overwhelming, yet so enticing.