Day 317: Gorgeous-Ugly


Okay, sorry for scaring you!
My friend posted a link on Facebook about gorgeous girls doing ugly faces.
I’m gorgeous.
And I am semi-famous in my circle of friends for making obnoxious faces in and ruining photos.
So why not me too?

I do not want to post it to submit it to a website that is followed by a gagillion people. I’m not ready for that kind of fame. Though I am totally ready to share with you guys.

At first I wanted to glam-up in my hot picture but I figured that would ruin the purity of the photo. Fine art. *eye roll*

Day 195: Franken-Wall


This was a DIY project my friend did for her Halloween party. I loved the simplicity.

She used…

Black foam board
White foam board
Green plastic tablecloth

I believe she use a box cutter and pencil to trace and cut out the shapes. We took packing tape and attached the individual features to the tablecloth right before we hung it up.

You could easily do this for a door hanging.
This is not a proper tutorial but I think this project looks cute if it has a little personal touch or flair by the person who created it rather than tracing a prefabbed stencil.