Beer Coasters

I have been collecting bottle caps for a long while and although I haven’t covered a coffee table by now I have completed this smaller project.
I bought a mess of plain wooden coasters at Goodwill for less than $2. I used my mini hot glue gun for the job. They didnt take much time and they look pretty darn adorable.

Inspired by: Bottle Cap Coasters DIY.

Gone Shopping

After culling two big bags of clothing for Goodwill and one bag of uniforms to some coworkers I felt naked. Haha, okay, not really. I have plenty of clothes, but my blue jeans were almost all gone from my closet.
The other day I went shopping with one of my girlfriends and we came out on top!

Above: I bought three pair of jeans. They were all on sale, about $20 each, and from two different stores.
Two of the three pair are a Curvy Cut style of jeans. Which means they hug curves better and don’t have that awful gap above the butt. The only issue is that they are too long. Hemming jeans is an easy thing when you have an awesome friend (of a friend) who is willing to do it for free!!
I also got a sweet bathing suit top to go with my plain black boy short trunks. This top has full coverage–larger chested ladies know the importance of that fact! Also a light amount of lining, cute cuts, colors and delicate scallops around the edges.

I have a triangle cut bikini set and although pretty, I don’t like the way a triangle cut top exposes the girls. My other suit top is maybe six years old, and even though I love it I realize it is time to wear something less ragged.

I got this top for $13 and it was once $28. This is exactly the type of money I want to pay for a suit. Can’t wait to go to the pool again!
Thanks for all your help, Angie! She is a pro-shopper and is great at hunting down my particular taste in jeans and bathing suits!