Day Sixty-one: Six Eyes

purple, black and hazel eyes

Just got my new glasses in the mail. I got two pair of prescription glasses for under $30.00
Yes, I do win and you can win at life too if you get your script from you doctor and go here to get your goggles.

This is my favorite pair of the two, the frames are black and deep purple. Just enough color to keep them from being totally conservative. The other pair is similar to the last pair I had. They’re red half frames.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a pair of glasses that are my accurate prescription that it feels weird wearing them. I like it though. I need to have a backup pair for when my eyes are burning and hate me.

Also, that frumpy blue shirt I’m wearing in the picture is greatly important to me. It’s the shirt that my father wore for a long time and got in Haiti, where I was born.
There are bits of fringe and embroidered Haitians dancing under a palm tree.

I love, love, love this shirt. However, I think it is still too cold to wear it.