Day 320: Sprouts!


After only three days the little kale and cabbage have sprouted.
Look at the life erupting from the earth here!! It is an amazing amount of effort that goes into emerging from the dirt…at least in my opinion.

They have started stretching to one side. Yearning for as much sunlight as possible. Of course I want to move the seed tray every time I see them leaning, but I must hold back.

No word from the tomatoes yet, but I will be patient. They are fairly fast to sprout.
This part of gardening always makes me want to grab an old battered umbrella and make the plants grow higher. I want my plants to grow just like they do for Totoro (forest spirit) and the little girls in the cartoon. Wonderment

Good green post for St. Patrick’s Day!
I hope you are wearing or growing your green today.
Take care—Kat


Day 319: Seeds!


Quick photo of some of the seeds we bought from Sustainable Seeds and Park Seed respectively. Not all of the seeds because by the time I took this picture we had already planted four trays of 72 cells each.

Already planted are the three varieties of kale–Winterbor, Red Russian and Siberian Dwarf.
We also started the Kellogg’s Breakfast, German Johnson, Roma, and Hungarian Paste tomatoes, and some golden acre cabbage.

What’s left are what you see here. Pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, honey dew, cantaloupe, birdhouse gourd, spaghetti squash, loofahs gourd, peppers, one tobacco variety, herbs, and a coupla flower seed packets.

Not pictured/purchased will be corn varieties, limas, okra, Derby green beans and more that I can’t remember.

So excited. If we get a better harvest this year then we won’t need a garden next year. Last year, the drought was so bad that some of our stuff didn’t come up. 

Day One Hundred Thirteen: Planting

bucket garden

A silver Winchester knife clipped to the front of my pink paisley summer dress. Hair is a knotted mass on the back of my head but out of my way which is most important.

Sweating in the 75+ degree weather as I drill holes in the bottoms of old kitty litter buckets, fill them with soil and soak them with water. The final stage before a late lunch of tomato n’ corn, chicken n’ quinoa. The final stage consists of makin minute holes in the soil then pinching and dropping seeds in. Carrots, lettuce, oregano, cilantro, catnip, and dill.

I have been told by pinterest and real gardeners alike that it is possible to grow carrots in a bucket. We’ll see. Our soil is not very suitable for lettuce and it was a free sample from Sustainable Seeds. I’m interested to see if it will work in a bucket.

It feels ridiculously late to be starting a garden but I guess we’re right on time. We have yet to finish plowing our 1/2 acre piece of land set aside for corn, squash, tomatoes and tons of other things. Our little tomatoes are bursting with life and they can’t wait to get into the ground.

Lunch was delicious. A friend of mine tried this recipe and recommended it. Take some chicken, can of corn, canned pintos, canned tomatoes, spices and dump it all in a crock pot. About 30-50 minutes before you intend on eating throw in a cup of quinoa–this will soak up the excess from not draining the cans.

Here was my resource for the recipe and I followed it….mostly. I am not very well trained in the following of recipes. Forgive me.
I had a tub (more than 1 lb) of boiled and de-boned chicken which cut the crockpot time from 6 hours to about 3.5 hours and I could have added the quinoa sooner but we weren’t quite ready for lunch.