Day 335: Kentucky Fried


Let me start with an apology. I failed to upload a blog yesterday. So, I am instead backdating this blog. I was getting a factory reset on my phone and doing some interior design work (AKA hanging frames).

I wish I could say that I was too busy being pranked and pulling the wool over my friends, but honestly, I’m really boring on April Fool’s Day.

Now to the good stuff! My husband might just be the best there is! He made fried chicken and the breaded fried part was perfect!! Those of you who make real fried chicken know what I’m talking about. Crisp crunchy outside, perfectly cooked interior and not that inch thick breading you get on the unmentioned KY food chain.

He made supper while I was in town and of course, when I asked him, he said he would never give up his secret recipe. Don’t worry fellow eaters, I’ll get it from him.

I swear that one of the true tricks to cooking fried chicken is the cast iron skillet. So, so yummy. He also made garlicky mashed potatoes.

Day 163: Fry It Up


Fried up some okra for folks at work. I can’t tell if it was good or not. I loved it but my coworkers will devour anything that sits on the table unsupervised.

I’m glad yo offer the experience to some coworkers that had never had okra at all.

Another coworker brought in a delicious chocolate cake last week. Instead of eggs she used mayonnaise. I feel silly that I have never heard of that but now I want to try it.

I wonder how ketchup red velvet would taste. Hahahah