Day 179: Purple French Toes


I blame pintetest for its easy tutorials on nail polish. It has made me brave and given me ideas to play around with.

I didn’t want a solid color and I wanted to practice French tips one more time this week.

Have you ever taken a picture of your feet? I don’t mean taking pictures of new pairs of shoes. Just your feet?
Feet are underrated, I would like to see more cool foot photography.

Feet carry us through trials and to such wonderful places in our lives.

Today, my feet carried me through my tours without wimping out.
4 miles….I sure am going to miss exercising at work like this.

Day 164: Homemade French Tips


Bren, the baby already has fingernails!

No, there is no baby. I just felt that a Juno quote was appropriate.

Thee are my homemade French tips. I mean you nail divas of the world are scoffing. So let me impress you with my lack of experience.

I don’t do nail art and just recently discovered those adorable stickers that you put on your nails and paint clear over.

I did these suckers freehand. Which was actually easier than I first imagined. With lots of practice I plan to be a French tipping queen.

My right hand was much much worse. Notice I am not posting a picture of my right.

Someone told to try those hole reinforcement stickers you can get for school. I may give that a whirl.