Day One Hundred Six: Stitch Mania

Eternal Summer

As previously seen in Day 101 I have recently gotten into embroidery/stitching. My sister hooked me up with this adorable sampler which was perfect for beginners because I got to try my hand at some new ones while I practiced the easier ones.

The tops of the antennae are french knots which I taught myself via an awesome online source. The site is called Sublime Stitching and I WILL be buying a bunch of her transfers before too long. If you wanna see her cool patterns then just click patterns on the left-hand column .

I can’t wait to get another sampler to play with. I am itchin’ to get stitchin’!!!
I have even started an idea book for future projects and my sister and I are gonna start pulling ideas from it soon.

Yup. I have officially dorked out.

Sidenote: The plural of Antenna is antennae (referring to bugs/zool) and antennas (referring to TVs/radios). Informed!