Z is for Zipline


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The first time I ever did this I was in Costa Rica. There is nothing quite like zipping into a huge cloud of mist and having no clue where it ends. We also got covered in rain after each cloud too.

I am completely freaked by exposure/heights so, the first platform I basically had to be pushed off. I screamed and once I stopped being so scared, began laughing. Or at least I remember myself being that smooth.

If you have never been to a zipline then now is your time. These are really catching on in popularity (at least around here). If safety concerns you then look into the certifications required, call up the businesses and ask how their facility and staff meet standards.
Then….DO IT.

So much fun!!

This concludes Kat’s ABC’s of Fun. Did you miss the other 25 letters? Catch up here.

Day 292: Sock-Bride


I’m gonna throw this out there. Sock monkeys creep me the eff’  out. They are flopsy, have creepy plastered smiles, and have the most dead eyes I’ve ever seen.
That being said, I know most people lost them and have super fond memories. Go for it.

Even though sock monkeys make me wary, I deeply wanted photographic proof of the human sized sock monkey bride. I wasn’t about to stand near that thing but my friend is super brave.

When the world gets flipped, I will take care of the evil clowns if you watch my back for the sock monkeys.

Sidenote: this was handcrafted by some sock-artists at the local farmers market. Scary but solid work on their part.