Day 327: Easter is Coming!


The Easter eggs app I have on my phone is more fun than it should be.
This is my Cheshire cat egg. His eyes have already disappeared.

Are you going to dye eggs for Easter? Doesn’t matter if you don’t hide them or anything, just boiling, dying and having beautiful eggs in the fridge is a joy.

Last year, I tried using koolaid to dye my eggs. It was pretty neat! One week to Easter 2013!


Day 324: Brrr Eggs


Why you shoukd not allow your rraw eggs to freeze. Kit peeled the shells off of the eggies and I waited for them to thaw so I could make some brownies.

I didn’t wait for them to entirely thaw but mixed them into the brownies well enough. There were small bits of chewy bits in my brownies.

So much fail. Have you ever frozen eggs? Was it an utter fail?
My only idea of a solution is to boil them and then mash them into an egg salad. However, since the shells are cracked it may just dribble out as soon as they thaw.

Day 281: Friendly Food

Friendly potato!
Sometimes I draw on our food. This potato had begun to sprout and was just begging for some eyebrows.

I just recently drew faces on our eggs and I’m trying to convince my husband to make me breakfast. I want to see his surprised face.

Drawing on food is so much cooler than making a pet rock. Less commitment with drawing on an egg too.

Vegetarian Recipe Resources


My friend, Jess, has recently become a vegetarian and confessed she didn’t have a lot of ideas or good recipes to make yummy veggie dinners. Enter Kat, the friend who has no life and loves surfing the Internet

Here are a few of my favorite, conveniently vegetarian meals:

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna (tons of cheese)—I believe in this vegetable. You could even just bake it and make it a salad.

Stuffed Bell Peppers (you can litterally stuff them with anything)

Scrambled Smash–This is a family tradition. Heat your skillet, clean out your fridge of all your veggies (meat optional). If you’re adding pepper, onions, mushrooms or spinach, I recommend to saute it all before adding eggs. Beat eggs equal to your other ingredients (eggs will hold it all together), add spices and a dash of milk if you’re feeling frisky. This is NOT an omelet.
It is a great way to have a one skillet breakfast and clear out your fridge of all the scraps of veggies.

Now we’re moving on to the list links. If you are a vegetarian reading my blog, please share your favorite recipe or website. Knowledge is full belly.

The first website I was reluctant to add because many of the photos look so fancy and perfect. Then I saw the picture of the beet humus. The Simply Recipes Vegetarian Section.


I’m not brave enough to try it. Beautiful, no? I do like humus and it doesn’t take very long to make.

The blog 101 Cookbooks has an amazing selection and organization. This a blogger who truly wants to be a resource, like an online, searchable cookbook with tips. Quesadillas are super easy to throw into the oven. Cheesy melty goodness:


VegWeb has a huge amount of recipes from fancy to duh-simple. This is also a good resource for Vegan recipes. Not all their recipes have pictures but the community can add their own. The feature that tickled me most was the Surprise me! Button by the search bar. It surprised me with this delicious looking dinner:


Vegetarian Times some sweet recipes. Some of their categories include: 1 ingredient/5 ways, 30 minutes, vegan, one pot meals and more. Kale and garlic soup is Sooo perfect for this time of year:


Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) has a journal you can pay for, but it is not necessary to access recipes. They even have old journals in .PDF form on the website if you want some veggie reading.

Savvy Vegetarian has recipes and an advice section with tips on how to keep a balanced diet (protein etc). Also they have some nice categories, such as quinoa, tofu and beans/lentils.

All Recipes is my fvaorite site because it is super searchable and has user reviews that really help! I read a recipe then skim the reviews for those tips you wish your cookbook would tell you beforehand. The vegetarian lentil soup is very similar to mine, except for that whole sausage thing:


I hope this helps you find out what you’re eating for supper. Gosh, I’m starving. Now I have too many options! What should I eat!?

Day 171: I <3 French Toast


Sometimes you just have a craving for food shaped like hearts.

I had some semi-stale bread, eggs, cinnamon, milk and sugar that was just dying to be made into breakfast.

The crusts were too stale so I used my heart cookie cutter and made my hearts.

I lost my little kids’ recipe for French toast so I just winged it. I got lucky because I cook a lot by taste and I didn’t want to eat a fingerfull of egg slime. (Eating cake batter is different and I don’t care what you say!)

I sprinkled just a touch of powdered sugar on top because I didn’t have syrup (argh!)


Fry my pretties!!!


Fun and delicious.
I think people forget how ridiculously easy French toast is to make. Mix it, dunk it, fry it, eat it.