Day 130: 1812 Exhibit


This was one of the display cases at the state fair. It was a little confusing because (to me) it seemed like they squeaked a bunch of civil war exhibits right next to the 1812 info. Two totally different wars, at different times, about different things.

Also, in the noisy hall I found it difficult to focus on the flat, dry information. I did however enjoy the guns and rifles in cases and I liked the living history gents that were discussing their weaponry.

Yeah, call me a dork but I would much rather hear someone in uniform reenact their daily life at war. He explained one tidbit I did enjoy. In movies a flint lock gun is over dramatized. You hear a distinct click, bang, fuse fizz and boooom! He said all those noises do occur but all at the same time.


I forget which side of the war this occurred but they killed the drummer in a battle and then used the drum for their own soldiers. Sounds like something we probably did was use and English drum.

Excuse me while I mount my soapbox. Why is history not made fun? There has got to be a way. We memorize dates, names of monarchs, and battles we know little about. Does any teach history where it is enjoyable for all? If you haven’t guessed history is not my favorite subject but I also know I am not the only one with eyes glazed over.

I feel that history is being mistaight similarly to math. Those who pass math classes and memorize all the formulas have no clue which situation to utilize these tools. Life doesn’t give you a worksheet and a time limit. Life hands you a screaming baby at the cash register as you pull bills from your wallet. It gives you numerous bills and one pay check. It gives you hammer, nails, and boards while your child looks to you for a tree house.

How we ought to teach history is still a mystery to me. It is my goal however to learn it and share it in such a fashion that you have people excited about it. The same excitement you might experience when watching the ending of a suspenceful film.