Day 323: Beer Trial


I tried the mix and match a six pack that my favorite liquor store offered. Turns out it wasn’t so much a deal, rather I purchased each bottle individually.

I’m glad I tried it once. I typically like lagers, but I want to expand my tastes. Even though I haven’t found a new favorite beer, I have enjoyed tasting beers.

I have a bad habit of not going outside of my comfort zone and picking beer based on their label artwork. I also chose books this way and yes, it I flawed.

I think I need another beer. . .

Day 315: Tapioca Pearls


My local international store didn’t have these Grande tapioca pearls. Small pearls is why I bombed my boba tea so terribly.

I found these in Carbondale, hooray! My next experiment with boba tea is coming up!

I am lucky in that these packages of tapioca pearls have (sparse) directions in English.

Wish me luck!