Day 147: Sea Squeakers


This picture was too cute not to share. We recently bought Tybalt a new stuffed dolphin because I have tried sewing up the rips several times to no avail.
For one dollar, I think I can afford a new one.

Tybalt was pleased to find out there was a squeaker in this toy as well.
He is so good at finding the squeaker in fact that we don’t let him have his toys when guests come over.
His favorite is the squeaker in the sting ray because he can hold it between his paws and squeeze it until Kit or I finally get irritated with it (takes us a while to get bothered).

My puppy dog is so sweet with his love of sea creatures and squeakers. I wish I could let him meet a real sting ray or dolphin. He probably would be unable to find their squeaker :-P

Sat 140: Dog Bed


We went in search the other day for a dog bed for Tybalt. Weeeeeelll….that happened. We got him a small one because he adores the cat bed. I fear this is too small. He seems to like it alright but maybe if we went one size up it would be better.

Still comical to watch him sleep in it. :-)

Day 128: Animal Cakes


The decorated cakes were all pretty impressive. The Scotty cake above was obviously in the dog theme category. I was tickled that the dog fur wasn’t fondant but individual strips of icing that was layered with different colors to offer depth and shading to the dog cake. The icing looked tasty too :)
Who wants the dog butt part of the cake?


The cooked turkey cake grabbed my attention along with most other visitors. It looked tasty too and my favorite aspect of the whole cake has to be the pop up timer. Perfect.
The only thing missing is the mountain of stuffing coming out of the cake bird. I guess it isn’t a true Thanksgiving bird.

Ever wonder what kind of cake they baked to be the model for these creations? I imagine it is a super dry and bland white cake.
I am not a cake decorating artist like the creators of these awesome entries….I tend to lean towards flavor first and looks second.

Day Fifty-Four: Pepe le Mort

Eastern striped skunk sans pulse

Somehow my Australian Shepherd mix snagged this skunk through the fencing of her pen and managed to avoid the noxious spray. However, this still left me with the job of removing it from the pen.

While I was shoveling up and moving the kill, my dog was happily strutting around the pen. She figured I must have been pretty pleased with her kill because I was making over it. She hopped around me, wagged and drooled….Like I said, she was happy.

I moved the above pictured skunk out to an area that hopefully will advertise it to the scavengers of the natural world. If the coyotes won’t eat it then the turkey vultures will.

I’m pretty sure this is the skunk that has been living around our farm for the last few months. At least the kids have spotted one from time to time and we’ve certainly smelled it.

I don’t know much about the migratory range of a skunk, but now I’m intrigued to look it up. I know that this is currently their mating season, but I’m not sure if they travel to find their female counter parts or how vast their territory can range.

Last semester, I was fascinated to find out that deer are born, live and die usually within a 10 mile radius. Talk about a species doomed to breed itself into disease and weak genes. Not being a hunter this is interesting, I’m sure it’s fairly common knowledge to others.

The part that made this skunk predicament less depressing was the huge arching rainbow that went over my farm today. It was beautiful and gone within fifteen minutes. If I hadn’t been outside working on the skunk issue, then I might have missed it.

Day Sixteen: Great Danes are Good

But Boxers are Best!

This is my 13 year old boxer. He is the one dog I’ve really fallen in love with on my farm and he’s well past his expiration date.  So, ever since he started having vision problems (recently) I have been mentally preparing for the worst.

He had a trip to the vet today and so far the results are inconclusive, but I’m hoping the blood work will reveal more about what is going on with his eyes.

After his long day at the vet he was more than happy to flop down and sleep on the couch for the next few hours before the kids got home. He’s still flopped out at my feet now. I’m sleeping with him on the couch because I want to make sure we can get outside if need be. It will really be the blind leading the blind tonight as we both stumble off the front porch into the grass for his 3AM pee.

Keep my boxer on your mind as you say your prayers tonight.