Addition: Mug Hooks

I have been swooning over the fancy mug rack DIY projects on Pinterest since I first saw them. However, Kit and I agreed we don’t like our cabinets and do not mind if we drill them for of holes.

I even used the power drill! I was proud of myself for learning and frustrated that I wasn’t an expert immediately. I did put up several of the hooks without completely ruining anything.
I am super pleased at the final product! My mugs are easy to access, they look pretty on display, and it cleared tons of room in my quite limited cup cabinet.
Yes, I am very aware my hooks aren’t even. My life is a little janky, so it fits me.

What do you think?

Day 212: Mooses


Everytime I see a moose I think of my kooky family.

There are tons of wedding photos from my brother’s wedding of people holding their hands up in the air.
Hands palm up with digits pointed skyward (imagine holding a tumbler glass).

Hands in this fashion represent the moose antlers. Don’t forget to shout “Mooses” similar to the way other people might shout “salud” or “cheers.”

Now you know where my mind immediately when I see any kind of moose.