Day 172: Halloween Barn


Spent a day here recently helping decorate for a Halloween party at my friend’s house/barn.

There will be cobwebs, crepe paper, skeletons, blood, tombstones, and creepy lights placed in strategic places.

This old barn is not just a stinky old tobacco barn but a huge horse barn that in its hay day was the best in the state.

Tons of stalls, room for hay above, medical stalls, and cleaning/treatment areas. Super impressive. The cobwebs already present will make for an awesome haunted barn for the party.

I can’t wait to drink punch and dance around the bonfire :-)

Day 165: Tombstone Decor


I have been helping a friend of mine put together her decorations for a Halloween party. The location is perfect. We will be rockin in a huge old horse barn.

The cobwebs and shadows come free of charge. We painted tombstones last week and these were some of my favorites.

We also have headstones with blood smeared handprints and dripping good letters.
Water soluable craft paint, bursted and a large thin sheet of foam board. Easy as pie :)