Day 248: Fishing Box


The random gift boxes and toys that come out just around Christmas are always a bit fun and strange to me.

This is something I probably would have never imagined on my own….Just think of the possibilities.

This could be adapted for a small child (more candy) or for a aspiring/serious fisherman (more fishing accessories).

Tackle boxes are relatively inexpensive. They have gummy worms and Sweedish fish in their tackle box. As well as some fish shaped hard candies.

The real fishing tools they have in this set are just two red and white bobbers. ONe could easily go to a specialty candy store and buy a small scoop of all the aquatic creature shaped gummies or candy and fill up the box. How much fun would that be?
From a not fishing person, it would be much more fun putting the gift together.
This would be a sweet as a father’s day gift or that little redneck kid you know that is having a birthday.

Thoughts? Creative or dumb?
I believe this pre-made kit was in the $7-10 range.

Day 234: Bee Box


This year to save on cash we are doing wee presents in stockings for our family members.

This snack box is for my brother’s MiL. She has recently gotten slightly obsessed with small containers, juice glasses and baby sized spoons.

I am not in a position to judge considering I talk to myself 85% of the time that I’m alone.
I still believe that is a completely healthy habit.

I also got her a pair of bear snack boxes. They are super cute and I think she will really like them.