Day 303: Slow Cooker Ribs {Recipe Revealed!!}


I was worried this recipe wouldn’t work out quite right, but thankfully, it was divine.
This was my inspiration for the ribs and I followed at least the first part of the directions.

Ingredients for the dry rub for 2-3 lbs of ribs (if you’re as liberal as me with it):
•3 TBSP of paprika or close enough
•2 TBSP brown sugar
•1/4 tsp cayenne pepper or close enough
•Eyeball the salt and pepper

And don’t forget the rest…
•Mostly full 40 oz bottle of sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce
•Oil to grease crock pot
•2-3 lbs of ribs or six as the original recipe calls for, we made a smaller batch–ours was about 4 servings.

Mix dry rub together by hand and rub it onto ribs. Spray your crock pot with oil or non-stick spray. Layer ribs in pot.
Pour BBQ sauce on top. Original recipe calls for only 3 cups but we wanted to use of all of our sauce.
Cook on low for 7 hours.

I really struggle with leaving food alone in a crockpot. This is worth it, so go busy yourself elsewhere.

The original recipe says to do a bunch of fancy stuff after your salivary have already been working.overtime for 7 hours. We skipped it and it was delicious. Our ribs were mostly thawed when we put them in, and after 7 hours they literally fell off the bone. They would not have held up to more vigorous cooking.

The dry rub takes barely ten minutes and it was so worth it. I love BBQ, but sometimes the sweet is just too sweet. Using the spices and the sauce gave a nice even flavor. For spice junkies, you will want to add a lot.

Day One Hundred Thirteen: Planting

bucket garden

A silver Winchester knife clipped to the front of my pink paisley summer dress. Hair is a knotted mass on the back of my head but out of my way which is most important.

Sweating in the 75+ degree weather as I drill holes in the bottoms of old kitty litter buckets, fill them with soil and soak them with water. The final stage before a late lunch of tomato n’ corn, chicken n’ quinoa. The final stage consists of makin minute holes in the soil then pinching and dropping seeds in. Carrots, lettuce, oregano, cilantro, catnip, and dill.

I have been told by pinterest and real gardeners alike that it is possible to grow carrots in a bucket. We’ll see. Our soil is not very suitable for lettuce and it was a free sample from Sustainable Seeds. I’m interested to see if it will work in a bucket.

It feels ridiculously late to be starting a garden but I guess we’re right on time. We have yet to finish plowing our 1/2 acre piece of land set aside for corn, squash, tomatoes and tons of other things. Our little tomatoes are bursting with life and they can’t wait to get into the ground.

Lunch was delicious. A friend of mine tried this recipe and recommended it. Take some chicken, can of corn, canned pintos, canned tomatoes, spices and dump it all in a crock pot. About 30-50 minutes before you intend on eating throw in a cup of quinoa–this will soak up the excess from not draining the cans.

Here was my resource for the recipe and I followed it….mostly. I am not very well trained in the following of recipes. Forgive me.
I had a tub (more than 1 lb) of boiled and de-boned chicken which cut the crockpot time from 6 hours to about 3.5 hours and I could have added the quinoa sooner but we weren’t quite ready for lunch.