Day 318: Beer Here


During my trip to the city today, I got some t-shirts for bleach treating and cutting into halter and off the shoulder tops.

While driving around town, I glanced over and saw that DG is now selling beer.

Now, you big city folks from outside of Kentucky would think this picture is laughable.

We have dry cities, which means you cannot buy alcohol there. Wet cities means you can buy alcohol there. There are also moist places.

I love describing this to people. A moist city is typically in a dry county. Moist means you can buy alcohol in a restuarant by the glass, but you can’t go to a liquor store and buy a six pack.

Day Sixty-Three: Road Trip Excitment

signs were the only interesting thing

You can’t have spring break without going somewhere. Even if it is as mundane as visiting the city park, you have to tell folks you did something over spring break.

I drove to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Illinois. It was a long long long and did I mention looooonnnng boring drive down the parkway to get there. Sadly, there is nothing to look at because most of the landscape looks the same.

I did, however, pass by the exit for my fiance’s hometown.
Princeton metro *snicker* and home of the Cougars *outright laughter*

It made me happy to see it and lots of other silly towns, counties and creek names. I passed through one county and got part of a song stuck in my head for a few miles.

Yay for roadtrips and a riding in a reliable vehicle for the duration!