Day 134: Boer Goats


Kit was really sad that the cattle were being changed out from dairy to beef aso we weren’t able to see them.
We did however get to see a bunch of Boer goats. This little doe right here is pretty much what their coloring should look like. There were some all red and others with different coloring.
Boer goats or Rolly Polly goats, as I called them,  are meat goats and need to have a substantial girth from front to back.

How do I know what a Boer goat should look like? We watched about two hours of competition. Since goats aren’t huge in this state the competitions were small and the attandance was low but the judge took it all very seriously. After each judgement she got a mic and said why she chose number one.
It was really funny because it didn’t take long to pick up on her verbal habits. “I really appreciate the girth in this doe, front to back.” She appreciated EVERY doe for some reason. If it wasn’t good enough the sentence might begin, “If I had to change anything I would really like to see a straighter hind end”

After leaving this area and leaving the state fair we went to eat supper. Have you ever been to Tom + Chee in Louisville? So so good.