Day 310: Cap Coasters


I think I have collected enough beer bottle caps to be choosey with mg designs. I haven’t whipped out the hot glue gun yet but I kinda like the almost rainbow pattern and the very angry orchard coaster.

I set a mug and glass on top to see if I liked how it sat and it seemed more sturdy than I imagined.

I have a newish pinboard where I have started collecting cork, bottle cap and other drinker-junk crafty pins. Crafts for Drinkers.
Some of these crafts are just dreams, but some are definitely doable.


Any comments on my cap arrangement?
Like my colors? (Note the Ale8one cap. Go, KY!)

Day 192: Fall Colors


About two weeks ago our fall colors in the park were perfect. Then frost and high winds knocked them mostly to the ground.

I was shocked and delighted by the vibrancy of the colors. Many people told me that this fall wouldn’t be worth a spit because of the drought.

I didn’t get a picture of my favorite tree, sadly. It was a tree so yellow and bright it looked as though the sun was a reflection of the tree’s light.

Did you see any fantastic colors this year?