Day 209: Restoration


This is one of the thousands of pieces broken from inside Crystal Cave.
The damage is an insane amount for me to understand but there are devoted people who are slowly making progress placing these pieces back together and gluing them.

The only thing I can think is that these avid conservationists must be steller at jigsaw puzzles.

My hubster Kit, I am proud to say, is one of the lucky few that got to help with part of the on-going restoration. The most amazing bit is that one day he got to help and actually found a piece that matched.

The heads of the project informed him that if you find one piece in a week you are doing well.

The dash 4 written on the formation means it was (illegally) selling for $4.00

Don’t worry. The turds were caught.

Day 194: Cave Signatures


Found another cave inscription that I think is petty sweet. Not technically a signature because nobody was named.

It says simply:
In God we trust
In guide we trust

Why would it say that? Because you gotta have faith in the guide who has the fuel and know how to get you out of the cave safely.

I’m sure there are some visitors who would mouth off to a guide and get left behind just to make a point.

Day 193: Fossil


Crinoid. I am no biologist so I don’t know which of the hundreds this crinoid is specifically. I found some fun facts for you.

According to the all-knowing resource of Wikipedia…:

-These are animals

-Nickname is Sea Lily

-Has a U-shaped gut

-Yes, that means it shits where it eats

-We still have critters rrelated today but not nearly the variety we had at one time

And… -I get to hang out with this fossil on the daily