Day 173: Guest Apple


Last week, Kit and I were charged with babysitting my mom and dad’s cat.
Meet Apple, this longhaired diva has only ever lived in a one cat home.
Her vacation stay was shared with an equally diva-like cat (Isabella).

This is one of Apple’s good days. She is resting on the curved scratcher that I bought for Isabella.

Even though she didn’t like her vacation at our house she did get to take home this cool scratching mat.
Isabella has not noticed or cared and continues to use my old couch as a scratching post. Sigh.

Day 161: Hideous Rug


Okay, it is about that time that I share some awful art.

This was a handmade rug specifically made for my husband when he was a baby.

Can you see the kitten’s head poking from underneath a white blanket? And its paw is sticking out too.

What is important to remember is that this was created and given with love.

I told my MILaw that I wanted a picture to remind my hubby of his beloved baby rug to see if he would remember. The real reason? To share it on my blog.
Low but you have to take what you can get.

Day Seventy-Six: Party All the Time

Luau Kitty

Yes, this photo was taken the same night that I was dancing like a fool. This cat in particular is not known for being chill. She wore her lei for about half an hour before going psycho cat and demanding it be off of her body. For about 10 seconds she also wore some brightly colored sunglasses as well.

I couldn’t help but share this picture….it’s just so darn cute.

Day Forty-Seven: Overindulgence

Watchful caretaker

This is a reminder to myself: Do not drink LITs.

Friday night was my “try a new drink” night. This turned out to be a bad idea. I was doing just fine on the beverages I had been drinking.

Saturday was a waste of everything. It was a horrible reminder of what I am capable of screwing up if my responsibility lapses. I was sick and lost six hours of pay from work. Thankfully, the people around me were understanding.  I think they knew they didn’t have to guilt trip me. I know what I did was stupid.

The cat of my old roommate decided to look after me for part of the afternoon. Above he’s pictured on my leg watching over me. A few minutes later he snuggled into my lap, moved up to snuggling my armpit and then my face. He was sweet, but smothering me as if to say “remember what you did.”

I admitted to my boss the real reason I didn’t show up to work. My jaw almost dropped when she was cool with it. I guess she understands that she employs students, but seriously? She didn’t care. I love my boss.

We make mistakes. Reflect and progress.