Day Eighty-Three: 2nd Calf of Spring


This was taken less than 15 minutes after this little calf was born. O’Hara is the mama and we’re not sure yet how she will be. O’Hara was a bit spooked by Kit because she was having her calf right when he was putting out a roll of hay. The heifer calf has promise because she was squalling and standing up (shakily).

Although her mama seemed nervous with us so close by she was cleaning off the calf and we’re confident that as soon as we cleared out she would let the calf begin nursing.

The actual birthday of this calf was April 23rd–Around 7:30AM.
You can really tell that little calf is O’Hara daughter by the way her mask is placed just so. She’ll likely always be small like her mother which means not an ideal beef cow.

By the time I return from my trip she’ll be running around like mad with her older sister (daughter of She-Daisy).
Now we have two calves that needs names!

Day Fifty-Six: Calf by Any Other Name

calf in her "wussup" pose

Okay, so in my blog several days ago I talked about naming of some of last year’s calves. My description of this unnamed heifer was a bit off. Viola has no white on her and she has little horns. The unnamed calf (pictured) has a white splash under her chin, none on her face and no horns.

She is curiously whuffling me and hoping that I will be feeding some treat or perhaps that if I stand still long enough I will become a nibble worthy treat. Her sisters, O’Hara and Viola are just as curious and wanting to play.

I’m taking suggestions for names. Names such as, blackie, spots, patches, mooby and others similar will be rejected.
She is the daughter of She-Daisy (all black longhorn) and her uncle (either Steak or Shake). By the way, that is another reason for wanting to get Steak n’ Shake to the market. In-breeding is baaad and the longhorn blood is being watered down by other breeds, hence the loss of horns or stubby horns in the most recent calves.

Here are baby pictures of O’hara and Pepper, just for fun!

Baby O'hara, with blond eyelashes

Her eyelashes still freak me out a bit. She is a descendant from Pontchartrain if cow bloodlines mean anything to you. He was a bull as long as a train.

Baby Pepper with mother Sprite

Since she has grown older all her red spots have turned deeeeeep red or almost black. She also has stubby horns. Haha, look how awkward she is in this picture.