Day 290: Pineapple Angel Cake {Recipe Revealed!!}


Made myself some cake!
It’s not gluten free, sugar free or in any way healthy. Move along, healthy folk, this is for people who enjoy being fatties.

1 box angel food cake
1 can (20 oz.) crushed pineapple in its own juice

Throw everything in a bowl and combine well. Enjoy the awesome foaming.
Scrape/fold into a 9×13 pan and bake 350°F for 30-35 minutes.

I must admit that I ate most of the pan. My hubster was lucky to get a few pieces. The crushed pineapple is perfect in this cake mix because you get little juicy bits between bites of fluffy, moist angel food cake.

I ate cubes of Cheddar cheese with the cake and was surprised with the results. The sharp cheese mellowed the sweetness. I didn’t eat them in the same bite, rather I traded bites back and forth. I know it sounds weird but it was quite good.

—thank you, Pinterest—

Day 159: Birthday Cake & Recipe


My birthday was on the 29th but I was too busy with celebrating that I didn’t have time to sit down and write this post.

I decided early on in September that I wanted a tres leches cake for my birthday. My hubby is a wonderful cook but baking is my department. Plus I knew I would be pretty picky in flavor for my cake.

Most of the recipes I found were baking a cake from scratch. I will do this at some point but I just didn’t have the time.


1 box of lemon cake
3/4 tsp cinnamon
Plus ingredients to make the cake

Milk Mixture
Can of evaporated milk
Can of sweetened condensed milk
1 cup half and half

Whipped cream “icing”
2 cups whipping cream
1/2 cup (or less, to taste) powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Cherries (optional)

Make the box cake as directed; don’t forget the cinnamon!

Allow the cake to cool completely. I left mine on the stove top for a half hour and once the pan wasn’t so hot I put it in my fridge to chill a bit faster.

Once cake is cooled mix up three milks and poke holes all over cake with a knife, fork, straw, whatever.
Pour milk mixture evenly over cake. It will look super soggy but don’t worry the cake acts as an awesome sponge.


Look at dat milk!!

Various recipes say different lengths of time. Let it chill at least three hours but over night is ideal.

Before serving throw the cream and vanilla into a large bowl and blend with a mixer or whisk. Slowly add powdered sugar while mixing until you have the desired thickness and sweetness. With a mixer it only takes a couple of minutes.

This recipe was bomb. I stumbled upon it at the Clockwork Lemon. Big thanks to Clockwork for the awesome recipe!

I have heard of people using a multitude of different cake mixes as a base. A lime cake mix or spice cake?

Saw a cake recently that was a red velvet mix and poured over it was cheese cake pudding. Mmmmmm

Day 138: 1st Anniversary


Sorry for the jump in posts. My wedding anniversary was the 10th and I got a bit distracted with my kissy faces with Kit.

I got off work early and Kit came to pick me up. I had flowers waiting in the mini vase in the car. The new VW bug’s come with a small vase by the steering wheel.
I got home and there was a huge vase of flowers (pictured). The reason the floaers are so special to me is I went back and forth with both Mom’s about what kind of flowers for the wedding. Silk flowers (gravestone); bunch of expensive roses; paper origami flowers; none at all.

A day or two before the wedding I was exclaiming to Kit how the wildflowers were blooming just for us. And then everything clicked.
Not storebought or fake but wildflowers for my wedding. Handpicked by my husband to be the morning of the wedding.

Pictured also is a slice of our wedding cake left over. Happy first year anniverasaey to Kit! The best man for Kate :-)

Day 128: Animal Cakes


The decorated cakes were all pretty impressive. The Scotty cake above was obviously in the dog theme category. I was tickled that the dog fur wasn’t fondant but individual strips of icing that was layered with different colors to offer depth and shading to the dog cake. The icing looked tasty too :)
Who wants the dog butt part of the cake?


The cooked turkey cake grabbed my attention along with most other visitors. It looked tasty too and my favorite aspect of the whole cake has to be the pop up timer. Perfect.
The only thing missing is the mountain of stuffing coming out of the cake bird. I guess it isn’t a true Thanksgiving bird.

Ever wonder what kind of cake they baked to be the model for these creations? I imagine it is a super dry and bland white cake.
I am not a cake decorating artist like the creators of these awesome entries….I tend to lean towards flavor first and looks second.

Day 126: Fancy Cakes


Cakes! This is the first I stallment of cake posts. There were multiple rooms full of display cases for cakes.

It is so tempting to break through the glass and eat he best looking ones.
I saw there were several key lime cakes so I may have to try my hand at that sometime.

The above cake was fairly simple but I just loved the way the daisies were trailing down the layers.

Not all the cakes looked this good. Here was one cake that did not get any award because it didn’t follow the theme of a certain category it was entered into.
In the judge’s defense it was a Barbie cake in a dog themed category.

Another category that didn’t hold up to being displayed for over a week and a half were the moist cakes.
Exhibit A: This pineapple upside down cake was beginning to grow


It must have been pretty darn good to win red!