Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding {Recipe Revealed!!}


This is a fantastic recipe that I am definitely adding to my regular rotation. Huge thanks to the recipe I worked from Five Heart Home. This gal has amazing ideas and a humorous way of describing her OCD process of baking.
This would be an awesome Valentine’s day treat to make for your lover or with your lover. You could also make it and not tell anyone–more for you! It may look like a lot of steps but it is really pretty easy to throw together. I might just make it again in a few weeks…heh heh.

As always I made a few changes:

Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding
6-8 cups of cubed stale bread
1/2 cup strong brewed coffee
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips, divided
4 eggs
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups half and half (*see tips below)
6 oz or one small box of fresh raspberries
1/2 cup seedless raspberry jam (optional—do it!)

Reminder: if milk and eggs are room temperature they tend to blend better with the melted chocolate. Lay all your ingredients out.
Step one
If you are using an old stale loaf lying around the house then first cut it into 1″ cubes and put them into your preferred baking dish. Eight cups is around right for a 9×13. I wanted to give part of my dessert as a gift so I split my bread into an oval glass baking dish (9×9?) and a glass loaf pan. Note, you may want to grease your pan, bt I noticed no issues using my glass pans.
Step two
Melt 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips on medium low in a saucepan with 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee. Keep an eye on the chocolate and stir periodically. When it becomes smooth (no chip lumps) turn it off and allow to cool.
Step three
In a large bowl beat 4 room temp eggs. Add vanilla, brown sugar and half and half. Combine well and then stare down your chocolate until it cools down. Mix chocolate into large bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Step four
Pour prepared mixture over stale bread in pan. Pour evenly if possible. If you used a white bread it will be easy to tell if you haven’t soaked a corner piece.
Step five
Reserve a few raspberries from the carton for the topping if you wish. I think the flavor is better baked in though. Place berries evenly around pan and mash into pudding with fingers or a fork.
Sprinkle reserved 1/2 cup chocolate chips evenly on top.

Step six
Bake 30-45 minutes in the oven. You can do the knife test to make sure the pudding is baked through. Mine was perfect at 30 minutes but the original recipe said to bake up to an hour.

Step seven (optional)
Warm seedless raspberry jam in a saucepan (I don’t own a microwave) until you get a nice smooth sauce. Drizzle over top of your hot bread pudding and if you wish, throw the reserved fresh raspberries on top for presentation.
Best served warm.

Now go eat it!!!

• If you’re worried about the pudding drying out when you reheat it cover the pan with tinfoil.

• *As the original blogger noted, you can use a heavy whipping cream of lighter milks if you’re worried about the caloric overload.

• This is not a sweet overload, but there is plenty in there to make it sweet. If you would rather a less sugary dessert you could reduce the brown sugar to 1/2 cup and be just fine.

• I used strong brewed coffee because I don’t keep instant coffee granules around the house. When I know I want to bake something chocolatey soon, I brew a few extra cups in my coffee pot. Best way to use old coffee ever.

• Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t spazz, do add it. Coffee enhances the chocolate. Hubbster hates coffee but couldn’t taste it in the pudding and loved the whole thing.

• If you plan on baking all the raspberries you could save a little cash and go with frozen berries. Or if the seeds bug you, put small dollops of seedless jam in the pudding prior to baking.


Day 223: Holiday Bread Pudding {Recipe Revealed!!}


You may be thinking, what a weird name, or this just doesn’t sound good. And I agree, if I knew what else to call it I would rename it. Most people are confused when I say what I’m making for the holidays.

Bread Pudding

Cubed 10-12 oz day old bread (most loaves are 20 oz)
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 quart eggnog
2 cups half and half
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup sugar
6 eggs

Dump cubed bread and chocolate chips into greased 9×13.

Combine in large bowl: Eggs, eggnog, half and half, nutmeg, vanilla, and sugar.

Add mixture to baking pan and allow to soak into bread for 10 min.

Bake 65 min at 325F. Or until bread is browned.
Serve warm.


How I fiddle with my recipe:

I rarely use a measuring spoon for vanilla or nutmeg so I add more than advised.

I often buy a new loaf of bread. Pull out half and let it sit out and get a little stale. Do not use rock hard bread that you may want to make croutons from.

I add chocolate chips without a measuring cup and I love chocolate….so there is tons.

People looooove this once they try it. You may need to encourage the shy ones to take a bite.
It is super rich so it could easily be served with black coffee as a dessert.

Please enjoy this.

Day 200: Fruit Cake


Storebought fruit cake never looks or tastes good. I am told homemade is awesome but I don’t trust it.

This post is pretty special because it means I have finally broken number two hundred on a project that was supposed to be finished in one year.

I know I have already posted about Christmasy on my blog (Xmas cards) but let us just say I am excited.

I have been planning holiday games, food, and events to attend since October.

I have a bunch of games planned out for my family for Thanksgiving and if they are any count I will share them.

This year I am taking bread pudding to the Thanksgiving on my husband’s side of the family.
Now bread pudding doesn’t sound all that appetizing but if you have ever eaten it then you’ll know it tastes as sweet no matter the name.

Bread pudding consists of eggs, cream, eggnog, chocolate chips, day old bread, nutmeg and other amazing things.

What is the food you look forward to around the holidays?