Day 120: 4-H exhibits


Cloverville was the part of one wing devoted to 4-H projects.
Some of the photography and paintings were not bad. Most of the folkart was uninspired but I will share a favorite here.

Above is the horseshoe bootrack. The stand was made almost entirely of horseshoes. The crossbar was a piece of rebar. The whole thing was painted black.
This was easily Kit’s favorite household art piece.

There were several entires for table setting and message boards—two categories I had no clue existed.


Most of the clothing looked like ancient maccall patterns but this dress really spoke to me. The size was so tiny that the back didn’t zip on the manakin. The little seamstress that put this together must be quite petite. I would pay her to make one in my size. Beautiful simple dress.

Coming up, more state fair pix:

       Embroidery (4-H)
       Bees and their products
       Decorative cakes
       Ugly lamps contest

Day Fifty-Seven: Calm After the Storm

good day for muck boots and insulated bib

Ed.: Apparently, I can’t count. Please forgive. This is 365 blog number Fifty-Seven.

Waterlogged yard after the big storm Thursday night. I beat the storm home and had just snuggled down into my blankets when it really started hitting hard.

The lightning was pretty awesome…Until it knocked out the power and I lost my darling Internetz. It was so wonderfully peaceful without the electricity though. There were no security lights, night lights, humming of the refrigerator. It was very, very dark.

After the storm hit the electricity it kept on moving North and it got quiet. Very light sprinkling rain. I slept so soundly that I awoke with a start (and a snort) when my phone rang the next morning at 9AM.

The storm was wonderful, however the cold front that came along with it was not as welcome on my part. Thankfully my bibs cut a lot of the nasty cold.