Day 323: Beer Trial


I tried the mix and match a six pack that my favorite liquor store offered. Turns out it wasn’t so much a deal, rather I purchased each bottle individually.

I’m glad I tried it once. I typically like lagers, but I want to expand my tastes. Even though I haven’t found a new favorite beer, I have enjoyed tasting beers.

I have a bad habit of not going outside of my comfort zone and picking beer based on their label artwork. I also chose books this way and yes, it I flawed.

I think I need another beer. . .

Day 322: Boba tea {Recipe Revealed!!}


For my Asian inspired dinner the other night I also made boba tea. It would have been perfect, but I added dark molasses as a sweetener because I thought I was out of sugar. This gave an almost licorice taste to the tea and pearls. I don’t recommend it unless you keen on that kind of thing.

I used this recipe for boba and combined it with the package instructions.
More water couldn’t hurt, right? I added 10 cups water to one cup of boba instead of two to 1/4 cup boba.
It really bothered me that I wouldn’t know when my boba would begin to plump up and float to the top. If you’re like me, don’t freak out, it takes perhaps two minutes for it to begin floating up.

I made my boba early afternoon and allowed it to soak in simple syrup. I think it made the small round gummies more flavorful.

I’m looking forward to doing this again and adding a more friendly versatile sweetener.

Day 318: Beer Here


During my trip to the city today, I got some t-shirts for bleach treating and cutting into halter and off the shoulder tops.

While driving around town, I glanced over and saw that DG is now selling beer.

Now, you big city folks from outside of Kentucky would think this picture is laughable.

We have dry cities, which means you cannot buy alcohol there. Wet cities means you can buy alcohol there. There are also moist places.

I love describing this to people. A moist city is typically in a dry county. Moist means you can buy alcohol in a restuarant by the glass, but you can’t go to a liquor store and buy a six pack.