Day 263: Dessert Improv


Improvision is my greatest strength in cooking and my greatest weakness in baking.

I am not experienced enough to play with baking ingredients. So most of the time I have to force myself to follow the recipe.

The last few nights, Kit had gotten home and after eating supper asked what I had mmde for dinner.
He didn’t fuss when I told him I didn’t make dessert but he was bummed and I could tell.

Enter the improvised dessert. I wanted to use the Graham cracker crusts I bought a week before. Luckily,  I had some dried cranberries too. I bought a box of banana cream pudding and chopped up frozen banana pieces that I had squirreled in the freezer.

Even though it was a little random and last minute it turned out pretty decent. The real banana bits helped trick my taste buds because I hate a really fake banana flavor.

Have you ever picked out flavors and thrown them together?

Did it work? Did it flop?

Day 218: It’s a Wrap


This would have been a divine treat on trail.
I fondly remember the peanut butter and honey wraps on trail but if you have banana then by all means, you must add it. We never had banana on our outdoor leadership trips but I remember snagging banana chips one time.
The sweet crunch is not the same as a fresh banana.

Much like he TV show Life where the super smart detective is freed from jail–fresh fruit was holy.

At the end of our last trip for the semester we washed out canoes and waited for our drivers to get back with the cars.

After loading the canoes and gear onto the trailers our professor passed around bag of fresh apples and oranges. I could have eaten the whole bag of oranges.