Day Eighty: Reptiles are Weird

Snake Neck Turtle

While at the TN Aquarium we saw Snake Neck/Side Neck/Long Neck/Short Neck turtles. Depending on the species they have slightly different names. This little dude pictured above is found in Australia and his glowing signage was given the heading “Long Necks Down Under.”

Hopefully, by now you realize how perverted I am. This is a family establishment so I had to keep my mouth shut, but I kept thinking how phallic this whole exhibit was and how I must just be a weirdo…Until I turned the corner and read this sign:

See, I wasn't lying

I’m not saying that the aquarium did this on purpose, but come on, somebody must be thinking about this fact other than me, right??

I didn’t get pictures of the visitors, but the people watching sport was choice at the aquarium. It was quite busy and all the people from the hills come down the mountain and were in full bloom that day.